2020: A year of profound change!

In 2019, we all looked to the upcoming "2020" as the year that would provide us all "clear vision."

Boy, were we ever wrong!

Weathering all of the changes that beset small businesses, we have proudly continued our top-notch legal representation (albeit from a safe distance!) and will continue to do so. In the midst of the year's changes, Bonnie Hamilton announced her retirement from the practice, to spend time with her family and take a break (for the first time since she was 9 years old) from being employed.

From Bonnie to her community of friends, colleagues, cliients and community members: "I am profoundly grateful to have been in a position to help you, to mentor some of you, to be taught and mentored by you. With all its challenges, Sonoma County remains a lovely community of people. How blessed I am to be a part of this community throughout my life. My law partners are the most honest, hardworking, ethical people i have the privilege to call my dear friends, and while I will not miss the grind, I will miss the people."