SCBA Softball Smackdown 2016-- Revenge is Sweet!

The Sonoma County Bar Association's annual picnic was held on September 9th, and the revenge match between Team Justified (winners of the 2015 Smackdown "Friendly Match to the Death") and Bonnie's Bombers proved to be a hard-fought affair. Bombers eked out a win somehow with the help of the father/son Spaulding team of Greg and Andrew, Josh Myers, Abbey Weitzenberg's trio of Lewis Warren, Mitch Greenberg and Michael Wanser, Ryan Thomas, Oscar Pardo and Amy Winters, Brian Purtill, Matt Defer,  Alexis Kent and special guest appearance by Anthony Sinigianni.  Proceeds from the picnic were donated to the Sonoma County Law Library.  The food prepared by Sondra Persons and Peter Trombetta was a treat for all, and SCBA Prez Jimmy D's hotdogs fueled the ball players.  Mike Mullins, Dean of Empire Law School, called balls and strikes. A good time was had by all!